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Dave Riddell – Japanese Shiatsu Practitioner

Dave has been involved with the Japanese Arts since 1968, His Father had lived in Japan in the 50s and was inspired by the Japanese people and their Culture, in 1960s the Japanese Karate Association (JKA) sent Japanese Instructors to teach Shotokan Karate in the UK, Dave’s 9th birthday present was he joined the JKA in 1968, and started training four nights a week, after many years of training Dave realised that he was not only learning the Art of Karate, He realised that lots of the warm up and stretching techniques and the post-isometric relaxation techniques were from the Japanese art of Sotai these techniques were done before and after training along with pressing on points of the anatomy in areas that were sore or injured during training known as the Tsubo or Ah shi points, Ah shi meaning “Ouch” or tender points along the twelve (jingjin) referred to as the tendino-muscle meridians.

In 2009 Dave started studies in Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies at the Renowned Australian Shiatsu Collage and completed the diploma in 2011, he then enrolled in a post graduate certificate in Dr Manaka Protocols and Japanese needle therapy and completed the post graduate in early 2012, he also enrolled in 2012 in the Basic Certificate course with the Australasian branch of the Toyohari Association, Dave completed the Toyohari East Asian needle therapy course in mid-2013, in July 2013 Dave attended Toyohari Medical Association training in Asakusa, Tokyo Japan to train with the Japanese Toyohari Sensie’s at the Summer school on completion Dave was issued with a qualification in Toyohari and is a registered practitioner in Australasia and Japan, In 2016 Dave attended the Toyohari Spring workshop in Kudanshita, Tokyo Japan, Dave completed a level 1 & 2 Neuromuscular Dry Needling Certificate Course at The College of Eastern Medicine, Dave is a current member of the Australasian Branch of the Toyohari Association, and holds Medical Insurance and public and product liability Insurance.

Dave has been specialising in Tendino-Muscle Meridians pain and disorders for nine years and has also done further studies on the eight extraordinary Vessels as they are very useful in treating pain, Dave has attended many other Japanese Keiraku Chiryo CEPD courses to enhance his knowledge and will continue to visit and train in Japan.

Q: When asked why he wanted to specialise in the Tendino-Muscle Meridians system his answer was simplistic. (As always)!
A: After 50 years of Shotokan Karate I think I am experienced when it comes to pain, and I can sympathise and feel my clients pain! My aim is to give my clients pain relief and good sound advice on their physical activities, the same as I have had over my journey.

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