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Dietary Therapeutics

Dietary Therapeutics Mission Beach Queensland

What is Dietary Therapeutics

Dietary Therapeutics is based on foods that nourishing the Organs System, in South Eastern Asian Medicine the organs are paired within the Five Elements Theory of Yin & Yang Fire, Metal, Wood, Earth, Water, Food is categorised into five temperatures and five flavours Hot, Warm, Neutral, Cool, & Cold. And Sweet, Pungent, Salty, Sour, & Bitter.

Yin Organs are Heart, Lungs, Liver, Spleen & Kidney, Yang Organs are Small Intestine, large Intestine, Gall Bladder, Stomach, & Bladder.

The Yin and Yang organs are paired and have a corresponding Flavour.

Heart-small Intestine, Fire Element, (Bitter foods main use; drains damp, transforms phlegm and purgative).

Lung-Large Intestine, Metal Element,(Pungent foods main use; dispersing, opens the pours, promotes circulation, and the flow of Ki).

Liver-Gall Bladder, Wood Element, (Sour foods main use; stops sweating, stops diarrhoea, helps with urinary incontinence).

Spleen-Stomach, Earth Element, (Sweet foods main use; tonifies weakness, tonifies Ki and Blood).

Kidney- Bladder Water Element, (Salty foods main use; relieves constipation, moistens dryness, tonifies the Kidneys).

Diet is very important part of South Eastern Medicine, it is an intricate part of keeping your body in balance, and the seasons can affect the body’s function, it is said to remember;

In winter to tonify – yin and In summer to tonify – yang.

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