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Hot Stone Treatment is an excellent way of keeping the body warm during the winter months, It also help bring heat into the organs and muscles of the body expelling cold from the body.

Hot Stone Treatment helps relieve cold Pathogenic pain like arthritis and muscle contraction pain from the cold weather, the warming essential oil penetrates deep into the muscle giving you lasting warmth, Stones can be placed on the body with or without essential oils, once the stones are in place hot towels are placed over your body and you are left to relax for 15 minutes front and back.

Hot Stone Treatment is very Zen in its form, Zen Shiatsu treatments are very relaxing and useful for relieving physical and mental stress, most clients report having a good night sleep after the treatment, some Clients fall asleep during the treatment, the treatment is done on a heated Shiatsu mat that also has targeted vibration areas, upper body and arms, lower body hips and legs, you can also plug in your ipod and relax to your favourite Zen music whilst the practitioner is treating you.

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