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Japanese Shiatsu

David has certainly helped me with back pain, a nice fella and well worth a visit. Very experienced, and we’re lucky to have him in Mission Beach, give him a call.

Paul Roxby, Mission Beach QLD | five-star-review

I couldn’t walk, nor turn my head for 7 days. I could not turn-over in bed from the pain of a pinched nerve in my neck. Electric pain like that I experienced, is on the scale, sitting at max 10.

I saw Dave, after an hour of treatment with him I could turn my head, side to side, and walk again, without pain.

Dave’s knowledge of the body is complete. His treatment is very gentle and his wisdom, expansive. I recommend Dave to everyone who suffers chronic or local pain(s). He is a Master of Eastern Medicine techniques.

Dr. Paul Collis, Canberra | five-star-review

Had one session with Dave which was very informative and has helped beyond words can explain. Before visiting Dave, I was lucky to go one day without pain in the last 12-15 years! The pain was affecting my day to day life as well as that of my children. I had tried every avenue that western medicine had to offer, none of which was effective. After one session with Dave and I had five days straight no pain. Then 2 days of aching. And now back to pain free! Highly recommended.

Samantha Barnard | five-star-review

I have suffered from gout for many years since I was 35. Gout attacks are extremely painful. Anti inflammatories and paracetamol only provide so much relief. After a suffering a prolonged 2 month gout attack, I was struggling to get rid of the gout completely. So, I decided to give Moxa therapy a try and it worked well for me. After one days treatment the sharp pain on the side of my left toe and ankle had almost gone! The treatment made sense to me in that the heat from the Mox helps dissolve the crystals and increase blood flow to the area aiding repair. If you have tried everything else and still in pain from gout, I can highly recommend Dave and Moxa therapy.

Neil Forrester, Geelong | five-star-review

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